Voodoo Cemetery Gods: Deities of the Dead will Return in the Future
Explore a World of Spirits through the Secret Rites of Voodoo!
Join Bloody Mary, resident historian of the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum and New Orleans’ foremost expert on Voodoo, cemeteries, and paranormal phenomena, for a night of elegant decadence as we meet the guardians of the dead, the Voodoo Loa, and our ancestors who dwell in the spirit world. Bloody Mary is an internationally known authority on the realms of the dead—priestess, shaman, healer, storyteller, historian, medium, and ghost hunter seen on History Channel, A&E, CNN, Women’s Entertainment, and more. Discover the secrets of Voodoo, take part in cemetery rituals, learn to make a Voodoo Doll, uncover the legacy of Tituba—Salem’s first Witch, see a gallery of ghost photos, and hear the truth about spirit possession!

Partake in the Voodoo Communion of the Dead!
The dead love to celebrate, dance, and cavort with the living, and spirits love spirits—so we invite them with ritual libations, a toast to the ghost, if you will. Bloody Mary will share her techniques for spirit contact as well as modern methods of paranormal investigation

to help prove the existence of spirits. From ancestral altars to Voodoo exorcism, learn to both call and banish spirits and when to do which. Wrap yourselves in a cloak of mysteries. Come face to face with the Ghede, La Grande Zombie, Gator Man, and other spirits who may come to call.

Lift the veil, pass through the west gate, and begin the Voodoo rituals of the dead as we invoke the Loa, the ancestors, and the spirits of place. Through the use of Voodoo Dolls, we will invoke accused Salem Witches Tituba, who left behind a voodoo trail of tears, and Bridget Bishop, whose spirit still haunts Salem today. Travel to a local graveyard and meet the dead on their own ground. Bring offerings for the spirits, such as spicy foods (the dead are hungry), jewelry, pictures, letters, and other mementos.

Highlights of the Evening

  • A ritual evocation of the Voodoo gods and spirits of the dead.
  • New Orleans Voodoo history and mystery
  • How to build and use an Ancestral altar
  • An invocation of Tituba and Bridget Bishop, accused Salem Witches
  • A presentation of Spirit photos from rituals and graveyards
  • Paranormal Ghost hunting techniques
  • Learn to Conjure Spirits with gris-gris bags and Voodoo Dolls
  • Each guest will receive a Gris Gris bag for protection
  • Light appetizers are included and a cash bar is available
  • Purchase handmade Voodoo dolls, love potions, and gris gris

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