Grave Spirits: A Night of Necromancy

Tuesday, October 25, 2022, 7pm at Omen, 184 Essex St.

Join modern-day Salem Warlock Christian Day, author of The Witches' Book of the Dead, as he schools you in Necromancy, the world's most forbidden magic! From the earliest history, the necromantic arts have offered the power to conjure and commune with the dead that they may share visions of the future and aid us in our magic. From ancient times, Witches like Circe, Erictho, and the famed Witch of Endor have summoned the spirits for wisdom, power, and knowledge of things to come.

The spirits of your beloved dead can be petitioned to help you to discover hidden opportunities, influence those around you, seduce the object of your affection, and even journey into the dreams of others. The dead can confer magical talents, fame, love, and wealth on those brave enough to summon them. Join us as you learn rituals and incantations that will open doorways to the spirit world.

An Evening of Magic!

  • Enter into a visionary state and link into the death current, the energy stream where the dead reside and from which they interact with the living
  • Learn to create your own altar of the dead and build relationships with the spirits of those who shared a bond with you in life
  • Learn the importance of cleansing, banishing and exorcism
  • Work with the tools of Necromancy: the bronze dagger, yew wand, iron keys, graveyard dust, the offering cauldron, spirit powders, and more
  • Discover the power of a human skull to act as a bridge to the afterlife
  • Partake in a ritual of necromantic magic where you will ask the dead for help

Dare to walk between the worlds with Christian Day as he guides you across the River Styx into the shadowy realms where the dead long to connect with us once more!

18+ Event – Ticket Sales are Final