Shawn was flying to Los Angeles on Continental Airlines and discovered the following piece about the Festival. How much fun!

Every Witch Way
By Dan C. Medeiros
Continental: The Inflight Magazine for Continental Airlines, October, 2005

Salem, Mass., 15 miles from Boston, is the ideal place to stay for a spell during Halloween season. The site of the infamous witch trials of 1692 now embraces its heritage as America’s spookiest city, with Festival of the Dead slated for October 1–31. A few puritanical locals may deride the “kitschy witchy” trade, but there’s no denying that Salem’s gleeful celebration of the occult makes any adult feel like trick-or-treating again. The festival’s events range from Blair Witch to Witchiepoo on the scary scale, with a spiritchanneling session for kids, the annual Psychic Fair and Witchcraft Expo, and the bawdy Vampires’ Masquerade Ball. If the spirit moves you, attend a séance led by Salem witch Shawn Poirier. Or if you are a true believer, learn to track down the spooky ones with the festival’s Ghost Hunting 101 course.