Festival of the Dead in Salem, Massachusetts
Events for 2010

This event has been postponed until 2010 and refunds have been issued.
An Enchanting Workshop for Children!
Join Salem’s own Ms. Firefly, headmistress of Salem's own School for Little Witches, as she teaches kids to work the ancient arts of Witchcraft! Magic comes easy to children because they have not yet learned to ignore their connection to the otherworld. Ms. Firefly, along with her assistant Auntie Rattlebones, will help students to understand that magic is not to be feared but rather a powerful way to improve your life. Kids will learn to learn to cast their own spells in a way that's educational and fun!

With the help of Witchcraft, children are able to conquer fears, make new friends, enhance creativity, and discover the hidden wonders of the invisible world. Each child will be taught how to channel their own inner power to help them achieve success in life and build self-esteem.

Each Child Will:

  • Learn to banish nightmares with nightmare begone spray!
  • Decorate their own Spirit Rattle—used during playtime or study time to summon spirit friends!
  • Learn the power of masks in magic—with a mask they can take home!
  • Make their own magic wand for focussing spirit energy.
  • Learn about ancestral altars by making magical spirit frames in which to place pictures of their loved ones.
  • The event will feature an ice cream buffet, hot cocoa and cider, as well as coffee for the adults!

Understanding the real world of Witchcraft will help children to find the hidden magical truths woven into such popular fantasy books as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and the Chronicles of Narnia. Imagination is the key to magic and we learn to whisper our wisdom on the wind. Ms. Firefly will teach your children that magic is a worthwhile part of everyday life!

This event has been postponed until 2010 and refunds have been issued.

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To ask a question about Ms. Firefly's School, email Ms. Firefly.

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