Festival of the Dead in Salem, Massachusetts
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Grave Spirits: A Night of Necromancy

Throughout October at The Vault, 217 Essex Street
Revolutionary Christian Pastor Phil Wyman takes you on a journey through Heaven and Hell as you explore the history and mystery of death and the afterlife in a revealing experience of myth, beliefs and spiritual redemption. Visit the lives and deaths of sinners and saints as you follow the stations of torment and bliss. Challenge your faith and elevate your spirit as you contemplate the divine revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven.

History is scarred by our fear of death, which has twisted the minds of men and women into believing and imagining their worst nightmares and utopian dreams. The evening begins with the feast of the last supper, where you live as though this were your last day on earth. Attend a graveside funeral where you'll be forced to face the shroud of your own mortality and descend into the depths of despair. Throughout the evening, we'll relive the final passing of martyrs and murderers and discover the surprising choices they made as they faced the reality of their journey beyond the veil of death. Join us in the passage to the underworld and the flight to glory as we learn the legends, observe the rituals, and examine traditional beliefs of death and dying.

During the evening you will:

  • Taste the fruit of the tree of life, feast on heavenly morsels, and drink the new wine of joy
  • Experience the terrifying isolation of outer darkness as you're trapped within our century old double-doored vault
  • Delve into the history of humanity's flirtation with death and judgment from medieval to modern times
  • Have your dreams of life and death interpreted by guides trained in understanding their deep symbolic meaning
  • Receive the secret mark of everlasting blessing
  • Relive the famed revival sermon of Jonathan Edwards, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"
  • Soar to the live music as you exult to stirring operatic sonatas, and be entranced by tribal drumming

Follow the light at the end of death's tunnel where you'll stand at the crossroads of eternal anguish and everlasting joy!

Throughout October at The Vault, 217 Essex Street
The Brimstone Chronicles is held at The Vault, home of the Gathering, a postmodern evangelism training and outreach center in downtown Salem.

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